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Ask The Pros: Mint Global Marketing On New Digital Marketing Trends To Watch This Year

Digital technologies are revolutionizing the potential and practice of marketing as businesses have grown more flexible and data-driven. Whether a business owner or a marketing executive, you must keep up with new trends that rise because these technologies will enable you to build and sustain a leading edge in your marketing. 

Some of the recent digital marketing trends to watch out for, as identified by Mint Global Marketing, have been highlighted in this article. For more information, read on.

More Virtual Marketing Events 

For a long time, marketing events held either quarterly, biannually, or annually were a means for most marketers and business owners to congregate in one spot to exchange ideas and make new connections that could potentially change the face of marketing.

However, with the onset of COVID-19, it became necessary for such events to no longer be held online. Even with the pandemic regulations now being relaxed, virtual marketing events are here to stay and are set to be embraced more in the following year.

1. Marketing Across Multiple Platforms

Social media platforms were created to help individuals connect, make new friends, and have more fulfilling experiences. These days, such platforms are used by companies to increase awareness of their goods and services.

According to Mint Global Marketing, there is set to be a rise in the utilization of social media, exceptionally as more businesses choose to market across multiple channels rather than relying just on one. And although the audiences across each platform may vary, it is expected that the content created will be unique to them, leaving every channel untapped in the campaign to reach specified business goals and objectives.

2. More use of Voice Search

With the introduction of voice assistants like Siri, Bixby, and Alexa, customers’ methods for doing even the most routine daily tasks are changing. Incorporating Voice Search into your digital marketing strategy will get you next level results.

Consumers may now use voice search to curate the finest websites that contain what they are interested in instead of manually searching by typing. In fact, it is one of the most explored areas in SEO today.

Voice search allows website owners to quickly provide the information that users are seeking, which can drive more traffic to their landing pages. This technology is attractive to users because it enables them to get the answers they need quickly, and it can be a more convenient alternative to traditional web search.

As a result, more money is being invested in making sure voice search can be used as digital marketing, changing how businesses and marketers communicate with their consumers. Although more work may need to be done to perfect its utilization, it still ranks as one of the top digital trends to watch for.

3. Augmented Reality for Marketing

Augmented reality combines real-world experience and computer-generated content in a way that can deeply touch all parts of human sensory nerves. Hence, when potential customers are stuck about making a purchase, the immersive experience that comes with augmented reality can be the edge that tilts them towards making a choice that favors the brand. 

One of the critical areas where augmented reality will take hold is virtual reality games’ marketing. Many gaming tech companies have already positioned their brands to ride on this trend to encourage more online brand discussion and maintain high levels of engagement. This is one are more people should be paying attention to when it comes to marketing and all things digital. Augmented reality is the future but there are many people who are not aware about it yet.