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Jurgen Cautreels [Marketing Entrepreneur] NFT’s, Business, And Everything In Between

Jurgen Cautreels [Marketing Entrepreneur] NFT's, Business, And Everything In Between

To success in different fields is not an easy feat. It takes a lot of hard work, as well as determination. 

This is the reason we were so excited to meet one of the very few individuals that can boast of being a professional in three diverse industries, Jurgen Cautreels.

Jurgen Cautreels is an investor, a professional marketer, and a well-known NFT expert who has established himself in the investing and marketing industries. In this interview, we will be discussing the secrets to his career growth.

How do you develop your investment strategies?

Creating an investment plan before taking any investment steps is crucial. However, developing an investment strategy is more than selecting what I should invest in. It also entails determining my financial worth and deciding what my financial goals for the investment should be. 

When strategizing, I also set boundaries for how long the investment would last and the amount of risks the investment requires to optimize the distribution of my resources. Then, I decide on what to invest in and constantly monitor the progress of the investment.

What prompted you to become a professional in the marketing industry?

The industry is quite intriguing. To become a marketer, I had to learn the basics by taking some marketing courses and possess certificates or degrees as proof. As a marketer, I also possess premium communicating skills and I am able to interact with other individuals. 

The marketing industry is autonomous; it is constantly evolving and there are new trends. I also get to meet new people almost everyday and build an exceptional network. A marketer also has to be creative in developing marketing ideas and solutions for clients.

Additionally, every business requires marketing across its verticals. Marketing is extremely important and is known to be a major influence in the growth and success of a business or brand.

What are the benefits that are accrued to you as an NFT expert?

The NFT market is growing and I think every NFT expert benefits differently from NFTs. These advantages are relative.

However, the opportunities to profit from NFTs are enormous.

Have you faced any difficulties working in these fields?

As a budding investor, I struggled with deciding my investing options. It was hard to streamline the massive pile of information I was exposed to. Every investor knows it is impossible to know all the risks associated with an investment opportunity.

There will always be some unknown risks. I also had to deal with properly allocating my resources such as time and capital, which were limited in quantity.

As a budding marketer, it was hard to determine potential clients. And when they actually became clients, it was hard to maintain a stable experience with them. I also had to access diverse varieties of data and meet up with privacy standards while satisfying the needs of my clients.

Do you have any advice for budding marketers?

I implore young marketers in the industry or aspirants to gain as much knowledge as possible on the field. Read many books on marketing and take marketing courses. And when interacting with clients, be respectful. Clients take character and personality into consideration when selecting a marketer. 

Since it is impossible to know it all or to be capable of doing everything, it is okay to rely on a mentor or senior in the industry for help. 

Lastly, when marketing, ensure the purpose of communication can be perceived.