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Mint Mobile reviews: Instagram and Twitter

Mint Mobile is prevalent in the social media world, including their own Instagram. Mint Mobile is verified on Instagram including the blue certified sign with the white check. Being verified on Instagram means that they have confirmed that you are an authentic public figure, global trend, or celebrity that it represents. 

Mint Mobile has an interactive Instagram. They currently have 470 posts and 26,800 followers. Their bio has a simple explanation of what they are and what they do. It lastly includes a link to their website at mintmobile.com. 

Their posts are very bright and engaging. There are some of the fox (the company mascot) doing various activities related to recent events. Since it is January, there are tons of pictures over Christmas. 

There are also a lot of promotional pictures (obviously) and a few of the owner Ryan Reynolds. The card with the SIM card that comes in the starter kit also makes an appearance a few times. Tabs above the posts offer more pictures that Mint Mobile has been tagged in. 

The Mint Mobile Instagram tag is @mintmobile. Make sure to check them out on your next scroll through Instagram. 


Mint Mobile is also a part of the Twitter world. Their Twitter handle is also @mintmobile. On their profile you can see their 4,906 tweets, 7,428 followers, and 5,762 likes. They have been on Twitter since June 2016. 

They have a pinned tweet at the top of their page talking about how their owner is Ryan Reynolds (he is also a customer). You can find various tweets about their mascot (the green fox) and other deals and plans they offer. 

They have a link to their website and a #MintMobile proudly standing in their bio. Their profile picture is the same as their Instagram and their cover photo is the same as their Facebook. While a little unoriginal, it is still eye-catching and relevant to the times (it’s January and there is snow in the cover photo talking about a “Wireless Wonderland”). 

Their Twitter includes posts that they’ve made, as well as tweets that others have made mentioning Mint Mobile. They have retweeted a few recently that talk about how great the service is. 

If you need any more information on Mint Mobile, check out the mint mobile reviews to get more information.

One tweet that Mint Mobile retweeted talks about a guy who won three months’ worth of Mint Mobile coverage last year. He says he renewed his coverage for an entire year because he liked it so much. 

In December of last year, it looks as though they had a pretty nice giveaway that could be entered into on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. The giveaway included 1 year of service, 1 iPhone, 1 Fox box, 2 movie tickets, a spotify gift card, and wireless bluetooth headphones.

Need any more information on their plans, check out their website and this comprehensive mint mobile review.