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Why Pat Clark Choose Precision Pro Wash

Most of us avoid cleaning the exterior of our house. It’s a big job, not like cleaning the inside. Yet the exterior home surface is the first place people see when they come to your house. Left unattended, dirt builds ups and can damage your home’s surface. 

We talked to Precision Pro-wash owner, Patrick Clark, to learn why his company is the best deal for your exterior home surfaces. 

About Pat Clark 

Pat Clark came up with the idea to start a cleaning service in 2006 when he was 20 years old. He started the company with his wife, and the early years were a struggle. Fast forward to 2008, when the couple attended their first convention for the pressure washing industry. Pat recalls that to attend the conference, they put a mattress in the back of his 1995 Astro van, and slept there, because they couldn’t afford the hotel. It was at this conference that they learned about roof cleaning. 

Pat was motivated and took major steps to expand his business. He hired a business coach and prioritized customer service to boost sales. When starting, one of his first major clients was the 12-story Marriott in Greenville, SC. His business coach told him he couldn’t do it as he was just beginning his business. But Pat managed to complete the project in a month. 

Precision Pro-wash 

Today Precision Pro Wash has become a nationally recognized cleaning service. The company offers extensive pressure washing and soft washing for residential and commercial properties. The company now has 10 locations in different states. 

What makes Precision Pro Wash the best in the industry?  Excellent customer service is extremely important, and this raises the bar to make us better than our competitors.  From the initial phone call from the customer, through the quote, scheduling, cleaning service and final follow up call, we treat them like they are family.  Our dedicated team of managers, office staff and those working in the field work hard at meeting our customer’s needs.  Precision Pro-Wash is the company to choose if you want an exceptional experience that will treat you as more than just a sale. 

Precision’s service also outranks others in the market. All our employees go through an extensive training course, and are certified in all aspects of their job.  The technicians have weekly meetings which cover such things as safety practices, equipment, chemicals and applications.  They are well qualified and experienced to meet your cleaning needs.

The products we use keep your house clean longer, because they not only clean, but act as a fungicide, killing the algae, mold, fungus and mildew on your home’s surface. Precision’s cleaning products are 100% biodegradable and 100% phosphate-free, making them environmentally friendly. Our soft wash process doesn’t damage surfaces like pressure washing, so it’s clearly a better choice.

Working with Precision 

There’s no need to postpone cleaning your exterior home surface any longer. You can give your home a face-lift by contacting Precision. Once you experience their services, you’ll become their next 5-star customer.