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All About The Transformative Nurse Coaching Certification Program at Nurse Coach Collective

You may have heard or come across the term ‘nurse health coach‘ but have no concrete idea what it’s all about. If that’s the case, this is a professional who supports people in changing their lifestyles to enhance their general health and wellbeing. 

Nurse health coaches help their clients eat better, move more, stay fit, focus on positive thoughts, and manage stress in different ways. They do this by giving information and helping people understand and reshape their habits. 

Such health coaches also help their clients define their objectives and create plans to achieve those goals. They frequently cooperate with other healthcare professionals and may work with individuals or groups in many circumstances. 

If you’re thinking of becoming a nurse health coach, you’ll find it a rewarding and humbling career. It will not only help others improve their quality of life, but it will also help you reshape and refocus your thoughts. As an RN, it also gives you a chance to put your nursing expertise to fresh and difficult use. 

If you’re an RN who wants to transform the lives of others in other ways, Get in touch with The Nurse Coach Collective. Our certificate program can help you quickly transition into a nurse coach.

The Transformative Nurse Coaching Certification Program at Nurse Coach Collective

For those interested in becoming nurse health coaches, The Nurse Coach Collective provides a Transformative Nurse Coaching Certification Program. It is a seven-month online course created to give nurses the abilities and information needed to be successful coaches.

The course material includes a wide range of themes, such as goal-setting, problem-solving, and communication. The program also gives students the chance to receive instruction from qualified nurse coaches. Students will be prepared to take an exam once the course is finished. 

Those who pass the exam will be awarded a certificate that accredits them as Nurse health coaches. Therefore, if you’d want to go the extra mile as a registered nurse, you can start the process of becoming a certified nurse health coach by registering for this program.

How Does the Program Work?

The Transformative Nurse Coaching Certification Program, as previously mentioned, entails seven months of online coursework. It has a comprehensive curriculum that is meant to equip nurses with the knowledge and abilities necessary to assist their clients in making positive changes in their lives. 

To encourage this practice, the Nurse Coach Collective faculty members hold frequent one-on-one and group coaching sessions with participants. This way, they can empower you with excellent communication skills. You will have access to a committed instructor, a group of nurses, and live support calls. 

The curriculum comprises both video viewing and a supervised practicum. If you have any questions, you can ask them on live support calls or in the online forum. Following your graduation, you will be ready to launch your career as a nurse coach inside hospitals or other healthcare organizations.

When Does The Program Start? 

Perhaps the best feature about this program is that there are many start dates throughout the year. This guarantees that you can begin whenever you feel ready. Even better, you don’t have to wait years to receive your diploma because this course may be completed in just seven months! Yes, in less than a year, you can become a nurse health coach at The Nurse Coach Collective. 

Who Is Best Suited For This Program?

Registered nurses who aspire to work as coaches can enroll in the Transformative Nurse Coaching Certification Program. The course empowers you with all the skills and knowledge required to become an effective coach, including how to create relationships based on trust, how to define objectives, and how to help clients through transformation. 

It helps nurses offer care to patients better than any regular nurse. Being a trained nurse coach will therefore enable you to assist your clients in achieving their utmost health and wellbeing.

Transformative Nurse Coaching Certification Program: 3 Distinct Phases

The program is made up of 3 phases including:

Phase 1

There are six weeks in this period. You will pick up something new every week.

● Week 1: Introduction to the idea of nurse coaching

● Week 2: The role of a nurse coach and the pillars to success 

● Week 3: How to Become a Nurse Coach-the process

● Week 4: Co-create change and self-improvement learning

● Week 5: The actions, responsibilities, and objectives of a nurse coach

● Week 6: Getting ready for the practicum

Phase 2

There is a 2-week gap between the first and second phases. The second phase mainly involves learning about lifestyle design to gain a deeper understanding of the nurse coaching process.

1. Lifestyle Design

The following is part of this:

● Exercise

● Mindfulness

● Social interactions

● Plant-dominant nutrition and whole foods

● Sleep

● Environment

2. Comprehensive knowledge of the nurse coaching procedure

● Building capacity

● Developing the strength of forgiveness

● Gaining insight into the healing moment

● Being present and aware

● Asking insightful questions

● Intuition

● Deep listening

● Gratitude

● Using language to shape reality 

Your nurse coaching supervised practicum marks the conclusion of the second phase.

Phase 3

In this stage, all candidates gather to celebrate one last time but don’t be worried, you have lifetime access to the community once the course is over.

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Nurse health coaches are in high demand today. That’s because they can make a genuine difference in the lives of their patients. If you’d like to enjoy the fruits of your labor as a nurse, consider working as a nurse health coach. It’s a fulfilling career where you can assist your patients in achieving their healthcare objectives and enhancing their quality of life. Join the Nurse Coach Collective program today!