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Why STADIO Global Is Building Interoperable Cross Chain Web 3 “Enable tech” for Utility Backed NFTs

Blockchain is a model that has been realized and designed from the ground up for interoperability. These platforms are based on different technology stacks and are specialized in particular use cases. 

Interoperability is a subject that has been discussed a lot in the crypto industry. It is the ability of computer systems or software to use and exchange information. The ability of heterogeneous systems to communicate with one another is essential for these systems to function. 

STADIO Global is not just an NFT Project but an ecosystem. This ecosystem relies on bridges to enable cross-chain interoperability for this ecosystem to function. STADIO Global is building an ecosystem with pathways and enabling technologies that enable people to come within the ecosystem to transact and work together through the crypto drive.

Why Cross-Chain Interoperability

Blockchain is premised on peer-to-peer networking. At its heart, a decentralized group of nodes communicates together to secure the network and process transactions. Cross-chain interoperability further expands this premise by enabling a global ecosystem of connected and decentralized networks. 

STADIO Global employs pathways and enabling technologies such as NFTs, DeFi, and GameFi in its ecosystem. The cross-chain interoperability prevents them from being limited to one blockchain network. This way, traders on the STADIO ecosystem can trade various crypto and access a large liquidity pool. 

STADIO Global The Platform for businesses, brands, and creators

STADIO Global educates and supports creatives, businesses, and brands in their journey into the world of NFTs. They help people conceptualize, create, develop, mint, promote, and market their NFTs. They enable people to monetize their brands and digital assets.

STADIO Global provides the enabling technology connecting them to celadon secondary markets, receiving money from crypto based on the commercials, and trading in the ecosystem. STADIO provides people with the wallet and the mechanism to trade different cryptocurrencies on the ecosystem while still earning royalties from their initial NFT. 

The Dynamic Benefits of NFTs created on Stadio’s PLatform

When creating NFTs on Stadio’s platform, creators can add various dynamic utilities. Its holders can use it to trade in the ecosystem and trade other cryptocurrencies like bitcoin and Solana. They have voting rights on certain company decisions, profit dividends, and higher royalty percentages on NFT re-sale. They also have access to exclusive merchandise, content, and one-on-one meets with their favorite artists.

STADIO Global commits to helping creatives and entrepreneurs enter the world of NFTs. . Making their process easier and faster and their experience profitable. The co-founder of STADIO Global says their motto is “Come for the assets, stay for the experience.” Promising a worthwhile adventure in the world of NFTs.