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Thoughts On Changing The Way Athletes Engage With Their Fans By Stadio Global

There has been increased research by the sporting leagues on ways to keep their fans engaged, which increased from 2020 with the outbreak of Covid-19, leading to the suspension of all leagues. 

Sports following entails following your favorite players or team as they compete. There is a great need for you as an athlete to develop your professionalism and skills to post good performance, which increases the loyalty of your fans. Stadio guides on the mechanism that will help boost engagement with your fans.

How Do Fewer Fans Affect Your Performance As An Athlete?

Statistics from the sporting psychology of athletes reveal that fans have a significant impact on your performance during competition. Having a large crowd of fans applauding you motivates you to increase your esteem, enabling you to endure and run faster and record good performance.

Having few or no fans lowers your esteem, especially when competing in a foreign country, causing you to perform poorly.

4 Ways To Boost Your Fans Engagement

  1. Develop an NFT portfolio.

Stadio develops an E-wallet for you to store your NFTS; your loyal customers can purchase from your wallet these cryptos that earn them redeemable tokens. This feature helps boost customers’ loyalty because they feel more satisfied that they are not only spectators but participators in the vital decision concerning their team. Increased fans translate to higher revenues and increased investment by sponsors to assist you in building the necessary infrastructure to upscale your sporting.

  1. Do virtual coaching. 

You can keep your fans engaged by involving them in online physical fitness exercises necessary to keep them in good shape to participate successfully in athletes. 

Regular training keeps your fans eager to join in your next session and applaud you as you practically compete in an athletics competition.

  1. Ride on social media networks. 

The easiest and quickest way to grow the number of fans is through social media platforms. You can use Facebook, Twitter, or Tik Tok to gather information from your fans on your possible areas of improvement. 

This approach helps you retain fans as well as gain new ones. You can also use Twitch App designed for sportspersons to Livestream your sporting activity. The app makes it possible for you to bond with your fans.


To succeed in athletics, you cannot overlook the role of fans’ engagement in your success journey. You need to focus on the fan’s experience to achieve the long-term goal of growing and sustaining your fans base. Good engagement draws many sponsors, and striking favorable broadcasting deals with the TV to cover you as you play. For more information; connect with Stadio on Twitter @ https://twitter.com/StadioTwits or on LinkedIn @ https://linkedin.com/martinlazarevic