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Barbara Stokes And GSH Providing Charities, Government And Private Companies Building Solutions

Barbara Stokes is a powerful female CEO based out of Huntsville, Alabama. She heads up Green Structure Homes of Alabama which provides private companies with temporary structure solutions. The company’s engineers, under the supervision of CEO Barbara Stokes, come up with innovative ways to deliver modular structures to businesses around the country.

This is a turnkey service. The company constructs its temporary structures using multi-purpose materials that are engineered to be safe and eco-friendly. This service is particularly good for construction sites that need on-site modular structures. These structures are also mobile so that they can move along with your project.

Clients find that working with Green Structure Homes of Alabama’s in-house engineers is easy and efficient. The engineers take clients through every step of the modular structure process which includes planning, development, foundation, installation and inspection. The engineers also have years of experience dealing with local governments and regulatory agencies. This allows Green Structure Homes to deliver temporary structures that will pass any inspection.

The company has gained experience with temporary structures as a disaster relief contractor. Green Structure Homes of Alabama received a $26 million contract from the Federal Emergency Management Agency just a few years ago. They swooped into Texas and Louisiana to construct temporary homes for Hurricane Harvey victims. The speed at which Green Structure Homes of Alabama works is mind-boggling. It was appreciated by families up and down the Gulf Coast because the company’s urgency allowed them back into their homes as quickly as possible.

The company has also built bulletproof temporary structures for the Navy. Green Structure Homes of Alabama has installed modular structures for United States Army outposts. And they’ve even created temporary classrooms for Mississippi State University during a time of construction.

Barbara Stokes and Green Structure Homes are welcomed in the Gulf Coast community. They continue to give back to the community that treats them so well. That’s why Green Structure Homes of Alabama has donated well over $100,000 worth of building materials to Habitat for Humanity in the Huntsville area.

The drywall and hardietrim fascia board that Green Structure Homes of Alabama donated to Habitat for Humanity will help the charitable organization house families in need. The building material was delivered to the Habitat for Humanity headquarters in Huntsville by GSH’s fleet of semi trucks. The material is an important part of the building process as it insulates the homes. It also provides critical protection against water damage which is especially important in the rain-heavy area of Alabama.

The company made two donations. Last year, they donated $75,000 worth of building materials before donating $50,000 worth of materials this year. Each of these donations will trickle down through the charitable organization’s system to benefit the families of Alabama.

That’s because Habitat for Humanity only charges needy families the cost of materials. The charitable organization organizes volunteer labor and then offers up a no-interest mortgage to the family who will reside in the home. The cost of the mortgage is simply the cost of materials. Donated materials will allow Habitat for Humanity to reduce the cost even further.

Green Structure Homes of Alabama saved needy families even more money with its delivery of the building materials. Habitat for Humanity did not have to pick up the materials themselves which save the nonprofit organization even more money. This should have a trickle-down effect for families in need.

Habitat for Humanity has announced plans to use the recent donation for the construction of nine homes in the next year. Any leftover material will be stored or sold to aid in the completion of future projects.