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Neurocore Helps clients Reach Optimal Levels For Brain Performance And Recovery

Many have wondered why some athletes just seem to be a cut above the rest. It is safe to assume that qualities such as talent, motivation, willingness to train are present in abundance with all individuals that make it to the professional level. But some of these players it seems, are simply operating on something a little extra.

The players that seem to stand out from the rest are those who are capable of top performances on a consistent basis. We have all marveled at the pitcher that accomplishes back to back shutout victories or the point guard that doesn’t miss a free throw in a handful of contests.

The focus displayed by these athletes is just the condition of mind that Dr.Tim Royer and his team of dedicated professionals Neurocore Brain Performance Centers attempts to help its clients reach.

The experts at the Performance Centers have developed a process that works on a reward system with proven results. The process is built around the same principles that one would use to train a dog or even motivate themselves. In fact, American society as a whole functions in this manner: An individual work, then gets paid for their efforts. The person will then treat himself to something he likes once paid.

Another example that can be borrowed from the sports world is the experience of NFL quarterback Kirk Cousins. Cousins became aware of the Performance Centers while a senior in college at Michigan State. He was drafted by the Washington Redskins and was later a member of the Minnesota Vikings.

The road with the Vikings started rough for Cousins and he found himself on the bench watching others play early in the season. But Kirk Cousins new the exact remedy needed for his poor play. He reached out to Dr. Royer and met with the doctor for a consultation.

Dr. Royer determined that Cousins’ brain was reaching optimum levels to facilitate peak performance but was not properly recovering. The brain of Cousins continued to run in high gear and released adrenaline, along with a number of other hormones when there was no need to do so.

This condition prevented Cousin from sleeping well at night and stressed a number of essential body processes including the immune, cardiovascular, endocrine, and respiratory systems. The unhealthy condition would result in Cousins often playing on the field in what could be equated to a ‘panic mode’ that caused him to make poor decisions with the football.

There was nothing wrong with Cousins’ brain. In fact, the star quarterback was suffering from normalness. The response he was experiencing was the body’s typical behavior when stressed and his brain was giving orders to release the hormones necessary for surviving dangerous encounters of all kinds.

What Tim Royer and the Performance Centers did was provide a way for Cousins to put his own brain in an optimal place to fit the moment. The quarterback did not need sudden rushes of adrenaline while attempting to lead his team. Instead, Cousins would gain much more benefit from learning to control the release of natural resources by his body to ensure an ongoing supply of energy and focus.

When not on the field, Cousins needed for his brain to become relaxed as quickly as possible.

Once the proper protocol was developed for the quarterback was by Dr. Royer, he was provided with a ‘portable system’ of brain training that he can carry with him to whatever city in which his team plays. Cousins soon returned to form and credits the Performance Centers for his improvement saying that he could not imagine playing this game now without brain training becoming a vital part of his workout regimen.

About Neurocore

Neurocore Brain Performance Centers was founded in 2004 and works with patients to train their brains in a way that improves sleep, concentration, and stress management.