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CBD Oil and Stress Relief

CBD (Cannabidiol) oil, is a product on the global market that today, is more popular than it ever has been previously. It is an all natural product which is extracted from cannabis plants. As it is natural, it has many antioxidant properties. Its popularity and reasons for use seem to be ever expanding as the demand and market increases with each passing year. 

CBD oil is believed by many in the modern world to be a preventive substance for the spread and development of cancer. Although clinical studies are yet to confirm just how effective it is at fighting the spread and cause of cancer, many still believe in its ability to do so and therefore continue to use it regardless. The health industries leading experts claim it is too soon to conclude just how effective it is, however further trials and testing is said to be undertaken in the coming years. 

Up until the last decade or so, the majority of the population had never heard of CBD oil or its countless health and wellness benefits. A very popular use for CBD oil is chronic pain relief. Just like many marijuana and cannabis plant products, it is very efficient in helping fight chronic pain. Many consumers of CBD oil claim it to be far more effective than many prescription medicines when dealing with and preventing chronic pain. It prevents the pain by affecting the pain receptors of the body, reducing transmission to the brain. It also has many anti-inflammatory qualities, reducing nerve pressure and thus resulting in pain relief.

A high amount of CBD oil users claim the response time of CBD to be far quicker than regular pain killers, meaning it relieves the pain much faster than average tablets you can buy at a high street store. Future clinical trials are to be held to investigate just how effective CBD oil is at helping combat chronic pain related to spinal injuries, MS pain and arthritis. 

CBD is also now a vital ingredient for many health and beauty products. Sure, the health and beauty industry turns over multi millions of dollars each year with its market for weight loss products, hair care products as well as make up and nail products. But CBD has recently been established within the industry as a top notch product for maintaining healthy skin! CBD is used to help with sensitive skin, with its anti-inflammatory qualities already mentioned, this too helps with irritable skin conditions like acne and even eczema. And it’s not just sensitive skin that CBD oil supports. It is now used in many anti-aging products as well. As it is a natural, plant based product, it is not stored with any oxidants or preservatives you might find with other high street products. 

As well as its highly effective qualities to help fight chronic pain and common skin conditions, CBD oil is also used to help those dealing with stress, anxiety, depression and even insomnia. Just like when dealing with chronic pain, CBD has an impact on the body’s receptors. Clinical studies have shown CBD to impact the serotonin receptors. Serotonin is the brain’s chemical linked to all mental health conditions. When serotonin levels are low, low mood is a result, low mood leads to feelings of depression as well stress and anxiety. 

Most CBD users consume it orally by adding a drop under the tongue, allowing it to dissolve and be absorbed by the body. Through this method of absorption, the oil takes effect fast and effectively, whether it is being consumed for relief of physical pain, or mental disorders. Those who do consume orally claim it to have little to no taste. However nowadays you can find peppermint cbd oil as well as other varieties of flavours on the market online.