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Where Does The U.S. Housing Market Go From Here? Michael Andrew Lacuhlan Shares Predictions For The Rest Of 2020

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There’s no question that we are living in unpredictable times. Let’s face it, there’s no way that the pandemic was on your 2020 bingo card and you probably didn’t account for it when planning this year’s business strategy. Despite that, it’s important that we adapt to the environment that we’ve been thrown into to survive and – if you’re innovative enough – possibly even thrive.

As one of the thought leaders in the real estate investing field, Micahel Andrew Lauchlan understands the importance of innovation as an entrepreneur. While life throws unprecedented moments at us every single day, this year has truly tested our ability to handle it in the long-term, global sense. That’s why Michael Andrew Lauchlan is sharing his insight. 

Where does the U.S. housing market go from here? Michael Andrew Lauchlan shares predictions for the rest of 2020.

The World Is Your Oyster

We’re living in a world where we are all learning how to work from home… and we’re learning how to do so fast. While we’ve relied on technology in our working environments for a while via emails and digital marketing, these platforms have become even more prominent as we transition all of our meetings, projects, and communications to the internet. 

While we’re all working from home, for better or worse, it has allowed many businesses to realize the pros of saving money on office space and moving to remote work permanently. What does this mean for the housing market? The world is your oyster! 

No longer do you have to be stuck to a home within a commutable distance to your job. Instead, clients everywhere are asking themselves where they would move if they could live anywhere in the world. It’s important to run with this idea as a real estate professional and find your client the home of their dreams no matter which neighborhood that lands them in.

Remote Showings

Do you have a client that’s interested in looking at properties? That’s a little more difficult in 2020, a year that will be defined by lack physical meetings. 

The good news is that there are multiple platforms that allow real estate professionals to create an online tour for their clients. This is not only great for your clients’ interest but also expands your abilities as a real estate professional.

Really, there are endless ways to start a wildly successful real estate business during the pandemic. By not being held to physical limitations, you can expand your horizons as a seller by expanding outside of your own zip code.

Uncertainty Breeds A Buyer’s Market

While a common concern among buyers is the uncertainty of today’s world, the good news is that this uncertainty is exactly what breeds an incredible buyer’s market! If your client is showing any interest at all, it’s important to remind your clients that we are living through a prime time in the real estate world for buyers. 

The chances are that as the uncertainty becomes less foggy and we begin seeing a light at the end of the pandemic, the buyer’s market will trend back towards the seller and that there will be far less opportunities to buy than there are right now! 

As a leader in the field, Michael Andrew Lauchlan knows that these predictions might be impossible, but opportunity is always at your client’s abilities if you take it!