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Top Tips For Germinating Weed Seeds

Germinating weed seeds can be very tricky, especially if you are doing it for the first time. Planning to germinate weed seeds will first require you to purchase them. One of the safest and most hygienic places where you can get your first weed seeds is ILGM. The site also offers low stress marijuana plant training which is very beneficial for beginners. They offer a wide range of seeds that can help you choose from various strains initially and gradually settle on germinating a single strain. Germinating weed seeds is not that hard if you have some handy tips and tricks to use. Below are some of the best tips that you can refer to before germinating weed seeds.

Don’t let the medium dry:

The most prominent thing required for the proper germination of weed seeds is moisture. The medium always ensures that it has enough moisture to keep distributing it to the germinating seeds. Lack of moisture can affect the seeds’ growth by halting the growth and not letting the seed open up. A paper towel is an excellent medium that you can use to germinate weed seed for the first time. Make sure to check several times a day on the seeds to ensure that moisture and other requirements are met. Sometimes the paper towel dries out, and to fix this issue, you can spray a little bit of water using a nozzle to distribute the water throughout the paper towel equally.

Do not germinate directly into the soil:

 There have been many instances where germinating weed seeds in the soil have failed due to the lack of or excess of water, heat, and other factors. There are chances of the plant or the seed being planted too deep if germination occurs in the soil,  this is not a good sign. The seeds inside can also drown if there is an excess water supply, which is harmful to the germination process. Germinating of weed seeds should be done on a medium like a paper towel rather than inside the soil.

Do not leave the seeds to long for germination:

It is advised to keep a constant eye on the germination process to ensure there are no issues. Weed seeds, if kept too long for germinating, can harm the root. In addition to this, the seed is also harmed if kept in germination for too long, especially inside the soil. If you can see the leaves of the marijuana plants are visible, it is advised to stop the germination process for the best results.

Temperature and Humidity:

Temperature and humidity play a very prominent role in the germination process of weed seeds. The moisture level for germinating weed seeds should be close to 70% and not be more than 80% for the best results. The temperature condition required for a healthy germinating process of weed seeds is between 21 degrees to a maximum of 26 degrees. If the temperature crosses the maximum temperature, there are many chances of the germinating process running into problems. Also, lower temperatures can affect the growth due to which the seeds would no longer be able to germinate.