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How to Factory Reset Schlage Smart Lock Deadbolts?

One of the popularly recognized lock brands available in the market is none other but Schlage. It is a well recognized brand in the United States and the company makes several different smart locks including smart lock deadbolts. There are times when we forget the passcodes on our smart lock deadbolt & when that happens, we want to find out ways how we can factory reset our Schlage deadbolt lock & enter our premises. Do you find yourself in a similar situation where you’ve forgotten your password? 

Well here’s how you can factory reset Schlage Smart Lock Deadbolts and make the most of it in no time. 

Before Performing a Factory Reset on a Schlage Smart Lock Deadbolt

Before performing a factory reset on a Schlage Smart Lock Deadbolt, you need to first understand when are the times when it becomes mandatory for a person to perform a factory reset on a Schlage smart lock. To give you a better insight, here are some of the times when factory resetting the deadbolt becomes mandatory. 

  • When you move the lock from one door at your residence to another door. Here, you may want to restore your smart lock to default settings so you can reconfigure the lock all over again on the new door. 
  • When you’re moving house and you don’t want to leave your Schlage smart lock deadbolt behind. You need to restore the lock to its default settings and then reconfigure once you reinstall it at your new home. 
  • If you’re setting up your new Schlage smart lock using a Homekit and you want to add the lock to one of your Android. You will have to restore the lock back to its default setting to pair it with Android. 
  • If you’ve forgotten the code on your smart lock and you’ve no other way then to restore it to the default. 

When factory resetting a smart lock, remember that resetting the smart lock will erase all its previous codes. Contact any Atlanta locksmith and they will describe how you can reset the lock by bringing it back to its local lock settings and restore the factory codes. 

How to Perform Factory Reset on Schlage Smart Lock? 

Most Schlage smart lock deadbolts come with their own smart apps. The first way to perform factory reset on your Schlage lock is to use the app to delete the lock information. This will automatically reset the smart lock back to its old factory default settings. If the process of deletion is successful and the app restores the smart deadlock back to its original settings, the app will flash a green check mark. 

There’s also a manual way of resetting a Schlage smart lock which is as follows: 

  • Disconnect the batteries from the Schlage smart lock 
  • Now press & hold the outside schlage button 
  • When you’re holding the button, simply reconnect the batteries 
  • Once the battery is connected, release the outside button 
  • To confirm whether the lock was successfully reset or not, enter the default access code
  • If the lock works on the default access code, it indicates it has been resetted 

And that’s just about it. Your smart deadbolt has successfully resetted to its original settings. You can now reuse them wherever you want, however you want. You can even add new access codes as per your preference. Did you find this information helpful? Let us know what you think by leaving a comment.