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Cyber Crime and Its Societal Impacts

There’s a good chance you understand that cyber crime exists, conceptually, but have you ever stopped to think about its broader implications? The impacts, according to experts like Boulder computer crimes lawyer Moorhead Law, go deeper than you might see in the stats. 

Today, we’ll be taking a quick look at the social and psychological effects that cyber crime exerts, as it undeniably influences many aspects of our lives, even if we don’t notice.

How Cyber Crime and Society Intersect

Cyber crimes come in many forms — hacking, denial of service, malware infections, etc. — and such attacks have become a common sight when venturing about online. Regardless of the specific type of attack, however, for the public at large, the real fears arise from the after effects.

In many cases, computer crimes leave individuals vulnerable — to identity theft, financial ruin, or maybe even threats to their physical safety. Combined, these fears can have immense repercussions on the psyche of individuals and their perceived levels of safety.

Indeed, because of the existence of cyber crime, individuals who use the internet may feel susceptible to the risks, and develop increased levels of stress, anxiety, and depression from simply being online. Those who actually fall victim to cyber crimes often feel even more intense levels of emotional distress. Because of the prevalence of illicit activities online, the number of users who have experienced at least ID theft may be more than 50 percent.

Of course, it’s more than these individual emotional impacts that occur. Cyber crime also results in after effects that ripple through other aspects of society, including:

  • Increased costs for security: Because cybercrime presents such a serious threat, businesses and individuals alike must take steps to safeguard themselves on the internet. This means spending money on various countermeasures, which do not always come cheap. Because criminals are constantly devising new ways to circumvent these measures, upgrades are also necessary to keep pace, and the cycle continues.
  • Money lost by businesses and consumers: When cyber criminals are successful at breaching systems, stealing credentials, etc., people and businesses often lose money in the process. Oftentimes this direct theft, but may be lost in other means as well.
  • Businesses undercut due to piracy: When piracy occurs, businesses take a direct hit to their bottom line. Money that would have been spent on their digital goods no longer is, and the effects can ripple and cause further disruptions.

Because of these potential impacts, individuals and brands alike should be aware of how cyber crime might take its toll and what they should do to safeguard themselves from those effects. Be sure to continue your research, and arm yourself with the knowledge you need to stay safe.