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Types of Lock Replacements Available On the Market Today

When it comes down to the security of your home, there’s nothing more important than your locks. Your locks are essentially the only thing keeping intruders out and keeping you and your belongings inside, safely out of reach.

If the locks in your home aren’t really up to par, they’re probably going to have to be replaced. The great thing is that today, locks aren’t the way they used to be a few decades ago. Today, you can find lots of different options for you to choose from, and in this post, we’re going to be going over the top 5!

Top 5 Types of Lock Replacements Available On the Market Today!

Different locks are made for different types of doors. You can’t just look at a lock and hope it’ll work for your door! Each lock comes with its requirements and it’s important that you’re fulfilling those requirements before you can have it attached to your door! Below are 5 of the most popular lock replacements you can find in the market today!

#1: Traditional Locks 
Traditional locks are the ones we’re already familiar with. These are the cylindrical locks we’ve seen be used for decades and they’ve survived because they do work very well. The lock has a cylindrical shell and can only be opened with a matching key. This type of lock is the easiest one to replace! If yours tends to give you any trouble, simply swap the lock for another one! Since these aren’t permanently installed you can just discard the old one and start using the new one instantly!

#2: Mortise Handle Locks
Mortise handle locks are one of the strongest locks available in the markets today. These are used in both homes, and commercial buildings and are very reliable. If the current lock on your door isn’t the strongest, it might be a good idea to up the security by going with a lock like this instead! This one has a regular door lever along with a deadbolt lock. So it’ll look like a regular door handle but is one of the strongest locks you can get today!

#3: Panic Bars 
Panic Bars may not seem like a lock, because it’s a bar, but it is. These are usually the giant bars you see on commercial buildings and hospitals that you have to push onto to unlock. Unless the bar is pushed from the inside, the door is virtually unfazed by anything trying to break in! This is also a great option to use for emergency exit doors, as that’s what it was made for, so in case there is an emergency, the people trying to exit the building won’t have to figure out how the lock works, just push the bar and the door opens instantly!

#4: Smart Locks 
Smart Locks are the most popular lock replacement upgrade that’s come around in the past few years. These are locks that can be controlled through a mobile app or can be programmed to work a certain way. Some of these feature a keypad, while others can even be unlocked using a pre-programmed fingerprint to make entry even easier! These come in the shape of traditional padlocks, and can be installed on your door too! If you’re trying to figure out which type of smart lock would be the best for your door, call over a Locksmith in Chicago or one in your area to come in and take a look at the door. They’ll be able to recommend the right lock and will even be able to install it for you!