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Ideazon Shares How The Crowdfunding Landscape Has Changed

Ideazon Shares How The Crowdfunding Landscape Has Changed

Nothing ever remains the same. Things change, things improve and things deteriorate. Stagnation is not equation that fits well into life. Last year covid was a problem. This year, it no longer is because we now have the vaccine. It’s the cycle of life and this same progress also applies to crowdfunding. 

From its inception to now, there have been changes, both subtle and vivid in the crowdfunding landscape. These changes may be as a result of changes in technology or law, but the point is they affect crowdfunding as we know it.

We had an interview with Ideazon, the crowdfunding juggernaut and they had this to say on how crowdfunding has changed over the years.

  • The Rise of Equity Crowdfunding

Equity crowdfunding has become increasingly viable and it is poised to take over the crowdfunding world in the next few years. The concept behind equity crowdfunding is simple. People get shares in exchange for funding a company that has not yet been listed on the stock market.

It’s similar to venture capital but not really. It’s a new way to raise capital for businesses and it’s only gaining popularity.

  • The Telehealth Industry is Growing

The telehealth industry is booming. While it may not be the next healthcare revolution, it has the potential to change how we go to a doctor. It’s cheaper and more convenient. In addition to that, funding for telehealth startups is increasing significantly.

Since the pandemic, a lot of people have been concerned about their health. So this is the right time for people in this industry to explore crowdfunding.

  • Gaming and Technology Oriented Ideas Are Hot

Who doesn’t want to play a game that saves the world? Or gain superpowers? Doesn’t everyone want to be an ace programmer? You bet they do! That’s why these ideas get the funding they need in no time, and the popularity of these ideas will only grow bigger as people get more involved in technology.

For those of you who are good at gaming or coding, you can try out your hand at crowdfunding. 

  • Social Media Will Play an Important Role in Crowdfunding

The social media landscape has grown tremendously since the pandemic. It is omnipresent and people are now more engaged with social media than ever before. This is a good thing for crowdfunding because it can help build an online community around a particular project, which can only help it grow.

There are also more think tanks online than ever before. They provide insights on how to increase funding as well as tips on how to make your product or idea better.

  • Many More Crowdfunding Platforms Will Rise

Many people have already made it big in crowdfunding and it is only the beginning. There will be many more platforms that will introduce new ways for people to fund their projects.

This will also change the face of crowdfunding because it will make the process even easier than before. The more platforms there are, the better it is for crowdfunding as a whole because it means that there are more people getting engaged and funding more projects.

The Bottom Line

It’s possible that it may get harder for new companies to raise money but it is also possible that companies will get better at finding an audience. It’s also easier than ever before because there are more resources available to help with this process.

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