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Entrepreneur Ryan Hoggan On Why NFTs Could Be the Future of All Digital Art

NFTs are rising in popularity, with more people than ever before looking at NFTs as possible online investments. There’s a chance that NFTs could become more essential to the digital art industry after a while.

I talked with Executive and Entrepreneur Ryan Hoggan to learn more about how NFTs could become a huge deal in the digital art industry very soon.

What is it about NFTs that makes them so viable in the digital art field?

An NFT is more than just a piece of art. It is proof of ownership of that art. You can show people your support for an artist and one’s work, especially when supporting someone new. You’re showing your interest in someone to help make whatever you want to highlight more interesting.

NFTs give artists the ability to sell their work in more places. They will directly reach out to the people who are the most interested in their work when selling these NFTs.

Are NFTs going to make it easier for people to share digital art with the world?

An artist could produce as many NFTs of one’s work as that person wishes, or that someone could issue one and have that person share it with the world. The answer to that question depends on what the artist wants to do when producing that NFT.

I feel there will be plenty of flexibility in the work at hand.

Are NFTs going to boost the connections people have with the artists they love?

NFTs can work in digital art to make people feel more connected to those artists. You could buy an NFT that provides access to a digital art gallery or a piece of music, for example.

You could even get an NFT that permits you access to a physical event like a concert. The exclusivity that comes with these NFTs will make them more valuable.

The skeptics say that NFTs may just be a frivolous fad, but enthusiasts say it should be the future of music.

Shopify is planning to include direct NFT sales in its hosted storefronts. Do you think this will change the art industry?

This move from Shopify will make artists more capable of selling those NFTs. Shopify is a very robust and thorough platform that makes sales easy to manage.

You can expect NFTs to be more accessible through Shopify thanks to how they work. This move will only make NFTs even more valuable and useful.

Will artists feel more encouraged to be creative because of NFTs?

With so many people wanting to patronize these artists and support their work, I can see artists feeling more encouraged in their work when they create these NFTs. They will have an easier time making money off their work, with them not requiring any additional middlemen in the work process.

Selling their work and making a profit off of it has never been easier. The real question is whether people are going to want to stick with the process or if they want to risk dealing with an industry that is quickly becoming outdated.


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