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Top 5 Classic Motorcycles

bmw motorcycle

Motorcycles come in all shapes and sizes, ranging from beastly designs to the more otherworldly. Just like cars, there’s a large portion of biker community who can’t help but salivate over the classic and iconic designs of the past. If that sounds like you, then check out what the world considers the top five classic motorcycles of all time. 

5. Moto Guzzi V8

This is one of those otherworldly designs, but the fact that it was created as a leading racing bike helps explain some of the thought behind it. The Guzzi V8 hit the scene in the 1950s with a water-cooled screamer, four camshafts, and eight tiny carburetors that allowed it clock 175 miles-per-hour. 

Not only was that speed mind-boggling for the 50s, but so was the cost of production. Moto ditched the model after two years, but the Guzzi continued to dominate the racetracks across the world for years to come. While it may look odd, it was the masterpiece of its time. 

4. Henderson Excelsior Streamline

Even more otherworldly, this futuristic looking model by Henderson was produced in 1929. It was nicknamed the KJ and became the pioneer of its day with a 40bph engine, illuminated speedometer, and positioned that speedometer on top of its fuel tank (all mind-blowing for the time). 

It also featured down draft carburetion, a five main bearing crankshaft, and improved cooling mechanisms. The size was large, the power was immense, and the speed made it a top choice for plenty of traffic patrol officers. Sadly, Henderson became a victim of the Great Depression in 1931 and production of their futuristic designs ceased to be. 

3. BMW Slash 5

This one is actually a series called the BMW R50/5, R60/5, and R75/5 produced between 1970 and 1973, but you can see how Slash 5 became the name. With advanced electronic starters and telescopic forks, these are known as the one of the most reliable bikes in existence. That’s outside of their sleek, bold look. 

2. Indian Chief

Introduced in 1947, this bike was considered one of the coolest looking of its time. With a 1,200cc engine, a top speed of 85mph, and a left foot clutch that operates as a shifter, there was a lot to love about this model. 

The Indian Chief also featured a rear suspension, making it a smoother ride that its Harley competitors. While the original models were exceptional for their time, you might want this personal injury lawyer in Redondo Beach on speed dial by today’s standards. As a collector’s item, though, it’s an exceptional pick. 

1. Harley-Davidson WLA

Topping this list is Harley’s WWII model. Made to withstand muddy battlefields, blackout lights for convoy protection, and incorporating heavy construction in its design, this beast was made for action. It features plenty of protection from the environment but is not armored. 

There were 90,000 of these bikes produced between 1940 and 1945 for the war effort, and you can still get your hands on one today. One thing collectors love most is the Army Green color that simply isn’t around or used today.