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Everything You Need to Know about Attorney Advertising Rules

When it comes to attorney advertisements, the advertisements have some limits, which cannot be broken. If law firms go past the attorney advertisement ads, the ad will become irrelevant and they might not influence the audience.

For attorney advertisements, you need to be relevant; the language that you use should be very professional. Every word used in the advertisement can put you in trouble so you need to be super vigilant for your words. 

The Specific Words That Cannot Be Used For Attorney Advertising

 When you are making an attorney advertisement, you need to be super vigilant of what words you use. You need to keep a special eye on the stuff you publish. The words that you use in the ad might backfire later. 

Lawyers say when you are constructing law firm SEO, and you need to keep in mind that you don’t use words like “specialist,” “ specialized,” “expects”, “best service,” “Guaranteed” in you advertisement. If you use such words and you fail to deliver the same thing, you might lose goodwill.

Attorney References

When you are constructing anything like Attorney SEO and law firm SEO. You need to keep in mind to mention the references for them. You cannot randomly put in a statement in your attorney advertisement. You need to put in the exact references of the clause and give the name of the state whose law you are using. A real attorney must back up the information. 

When you post anything on a normal website, they usually have an attorney backing up the statement given in the law firm’s SEO. When the site is of the law firm itself, it needs to have more attorneys backing up the information. 

Put the Legitimate Address and Location of the Law Firm in the Advertisement

When it comes to attorney advertising, you need to show the legitimate physical address in your advertisement. Or else your advertisement will not receive approval. 

You need the address because attorneys are real people who need to have a physical presence. You cannot hire artificial intelligence when it comes to attorney advertisement. That will be a crime. People will also find it super difficult to trust in the advertisement if a physical office or a site does not support the advertisement. 


Law firm and attorney advertisements are very different from other advertisements. If you mess up anything in other ads, you might not get in big trouble. False claiming can cause many problems for attorney advertisements. You need to follow a set of rules and take many things in measure to make a successful attorney advertisement. For attorney advertisements, you also need to be vigilant about your law firm SEO and attorney SEO. Before publishing information, you will need an attorney read it for you earlier so that you do not post anything that can put you in trouble in future.