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Financial Tips to Help Save for Your Next Vacation

save money for your next vacation

Going on a vacation is something that everyone strives toward every year, whether it’s a wild tropical getaway or a weekend getaway to a local attraction. Whatever type of vacation it is requires money.

And one of the easiest ways to ensure that you have the funds available for your next vacation is to save as much money as possible. We are all guilty of reckless spending from time to time, so anytime we can curb that it will allow us to save more money that can be used when it comes time to take a break and disconnect.

Sometimes it’s the littlest adjustments we make to spending and hobbies that make the biggest difference, therefore the biggest contribution to the vacation fund. Here are some suggestions to consider.

Have a DIY Approach

Think of how much money you spend that could be saved if you just did the work yourself rather than hire. Things like cutting the lawn, cleaning the pool, or cleaning the house.

Rather than finding a contractor to hire for a small home repair, look on YouTube to see if you can find a tutorial. Even if you don’t know how to do something off the top of your head you can find information and instructions online that walk you through the steps needed.

While you do have to have some skills or at least the type of personality that is willing to tackle on projects head on, there are plenty of little things you can do.

DIY project

Have your turtleneck sweater professionally dry cleaned? Consider washing and ironing at home. Pay to have your car washed? Do it yourself.

Stay in on the Weekends

Going out, whether to eat dinner or socialize with friends, can be very costly and if you do it every weekend you could be burning money that you could instead be saving for your dream vacation.

If you need help relaxing in order to stay in, try working in some CBD products into your routine. Many people go out to relieve stress and feel that unwinding that way helps.

But there are other options. Find ways to relax and soon you will start to be able to enjoy a weekend in, watching a movie and avoiding paying for dinner and drinks. This can add up significantly over the course of a year.

Avoid Careless Spending

Rather than hitting the casino with the guys or Cox Plate, find some entertainment that is “free” and won’t put you in the hole. Even things like going to the movies can add up quickly.

Rather than going to see a movie out (dine in theaters can cost $100 or more for a couple tickets, food and drinks) stay home, watch Netflix and enjoy some microwave popcorn.

Imagine saving $100 a week by simply cutting costs you don’t need? That would put more than $5,000 towards your vacation fund without even trying.

All it takes is being dedicated and constantly focusing on your dream vacation. Make a vacation board with pictures of the destination if that helps you stay motivated and on track, focused on saving as much money as possible.