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Melania Trump Changes Her ‘Be Best’ Children’s Campaign to More Realistic ‘Who Cares?’

Melania Trump, the wife of President Donald Trump, has had scant success with her children’s program ‘Be Best’ since its inception last year. The First Lady, responding to media jabs about her apparent lack of concern over the welfare of the country’s children, created ‘Be Best’ as a program to encourage grade school and high school kids to strive for better grades, better physical fitness, and a better future for themselves and those around them.


In the parlance of Capitol Hill, the whole thing has become a ‘floperoo.’ So, taking a page from her spouse’s book, she has scrapped the whole shebang and now is running a “Who Cares?” program for youth. The program’s outline reads, in part:


Grades in the toilet? Who cares? Go out to the Mall and shop till you drop.


Need a pizza fix every four hours? Who cares? Just move the TV closer to the couch. And put a microwave on top of it.


Don’t want to go to college? Who cares? 7-11 is always hiring; and they let you have all the free nachos you want.


Parents complaining about the current administration? Who cares? Just call this toll-free number to report them to receive a free jar of Caviar Skincare Cream.