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Domestic Violence Against Men

Domestic violence is often thought of in the context of a man harming a woman. While this is statistically the majority of cases, Intimate Partner Violence (IVP) also takes place against men. Ignoring this aspect is an injustice to the high number of male victims suffering from abuse. If you or someone you know is […]

What is Battered Woman Syndrome

The effects of domestic violence are both immediate and long-lasting, creating a myriad of psychological issues within the victim. When this abuse is prolonged, it can create a condition known as battered woman syndrome. Here’s everything you need to know about this mental illness.  It’s Diagnosable Battered woman syndrome is a direct result of sustained, […]

How Does Divorce Affect Car Insurance?

Going through a divorce requires more than most people think. Aside from losing your partner and deciding custody, there are a multitude of financial responsibilities that need addressed. You might need to sell your house, separate bank accounts, or re-apply for health insurance through your employer. What about car insurance, though? It comes as a […]